I’m not entirely sure when I starting giving skirting boards far more attention than they probably deserve, but it did happen along with an irrational irritation about how unimaginative they were. Everywhere I went they were either wood or painted shades of white, the only excitement being whether they were gloss or eggshell. Not being brave enough to branch out completely, but wanting to try something a little new, I took a bit of Scandinavian influence and convinced a friend to let me paint his skirting boards black. There was a bit of a dither about what to do with the doors but they too became a black and all was good (and looked great, at least in my opinion).
There’s no doubt that black skirting boards are a very versatile look. They’re just neural enough to provide a good backdrop for most furniture and can be used in both minimalist to the opulent looks with minimal fuss.
Although the floor’s not really my thing, I love how the architects Groopo have used the black skirting in this Italian house to tie the room together and  give it a nice clean look.

dezeen_Casa-G-S-by-Grooppo_5 dezeen_Casa-G-S-by-Grooppo_1



Here, the apartment of fashion designer Jette Romvig in Copenhangen demonstrates just how effective black frames are for crisping up the entry points of a room and creating clean lines.  Granted though, if you don’t want to highlight the exits to your room, this look probably isn’t for you.

Peaceful-retreat-9 Peaceful-retreat-5 Peaceful-retreat-3


These images below show how by accenting the black slightly more through furniture and accessories, you can use skirting and woodwork to make the space a little more dramatic and masculine.





Its also a great backdrop for some eye-wateringly bright colours, if you fancy channelling Shanghai Tang.





But what about other colours for the woodwork?

I won’t lie, I’m desperate to paint some skirting boards a burnt orange or hot pink or something but I neither have a place of my own nor friends who’ll let me experiment with theirs. Its all extremely sad but one day…. one day I shall have brilliantly interesting woodwork I tell myself.  However, it is one of those things where I can’t help wondering exactly how bored, how quickly I would get of  them.  Maybe skirting boards are actually like toilets in that branching out from the conventional black or white is one of those things that only seems like a great idea at the time.

I”m not entirely convinced though. Some of the examples below I think I could definitely live with and there are even more people who have painted just their windows in a pop of colour, which looks great. One thing I would say though is that if you are going to colour your skirtings  then you should commit fully. Having just the one orange door below would drive me nuts! Handy for directing guests around your house though.




Certainly a bit more time intensive, this bi-coloured skirting just looks fantastic!



I do love the way this interior has used the same colour door and skirting to give some clean lines to the hallway.

sage door


Green door frames in a lakefront Prairie style home.



 Yellow door and skirting boards.




Personally this pink theme that has just gone a bit far overboard for me, but in the right space,  it could be just fine.


via pinterest, source unknown

LOVE the hot pink doorway. I know they didn’t do their skirting boards but I assume this colour everywhere would be far too much unless you were an uber cool startup.



Not such wallpaper fan but I do love the way they used the skirting to tie the colours together.



By far though, my favourite use of coloured skirting boards  is in Annvil`s architectural offices in Riga where she paints the edges in a range of fun bright neons.

neon1 neon2 neon3


Having gone through the process of sanding and painting a number of skirting boards, I personally don’t think I’d have the patience  to get the types of clean lines required above. Painting the side of a mirror I could do though, or maybe just the edge of a door?

If you’ve done your own coloured skirting boards or have found some other good examples please let me know as currently i’m relegated to monkeying around on photoshop to find some convincing colour combinations of my own.